Great Futures Celebrates 1st Birthday!

The Great Futures Coalition formed in January 2010 and is celebrating its first birthday as a Coalition of now 30 organizations. Great Futures is always expanding and looking to encompass more and more of the groups who understand the importance of a quality education for all of Colorado students from preschool through college.

Here’s a look at our “Top Ten” after just one year of existence:

Together, we collected and delivered over 2,600 petition signatures to legislators including more than 1,000 stories documenting the impact of cuts …

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Great Futures Open Letter to Voters


In March of this year, the Great Futures Colorado coalition proposed DECIDE, a referred measure to give voters the chance to prevent deep and irreversible cuts to schools, colleges and universities.   Although we flooded the Capitol with tens of thousands of emails and phone calls and committed hundreds of hours to attending and testifying at committee hearings, the legislature failed to place DECIDE on the November 2010 ballot.

Now we know it’s …

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Legislature puts an end to DECIDE

In a 35-30 vote, the Colorado House of Representatives failed to reach the two-thirds majority vote and the Senate never brought it to the vote necessary to put DECIDE (HCR 1002 / SCR 002) on the ballot in November 2010.

The Great Futures Coalition is disappointed that Colorado voters won’t have a chance to DECIDE to invest in our kids, schools, and colleges in November 2010.   The Coalition will work tirelessly to ensure that another year does not pass without giving Colorado …

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Press Conference Media Kit

DECIDE: Frequently Asked Questions

Inaction is no longer an option! Read more than 1,000 P-20 education cuts stories from across Colorado telling the devastating impacts of cuts to Pre-school, K-12, and Higher Education.

New! Press Conference Photos

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Quotes from Great Futures Members


March 24, 2010



Diverse Coalition Asks Legislators: “Let Voters DECIDE to Support Education in Colorado”


New “Great Futures Colorado” Coalition Proposes Referred Measure to Give Voters a Say in Preventing Deep Cuts to Public Schools and Higher Education

DENVER – A diverse coalition of public education supporters …

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