Quotes from Great Futures Partners

Why Join the Great Futures Coalition?

Becky Miller Updike
Director, Every Child Matters Colorado

“I don’t think the general public is aware that our state stands on the brink of disaster in public education. We aren’t just facing a few frivolous budget cuts in few schools– we are facing school closings, loss of quality teachers, and increasingly crowded class sizes. Quality public education is an investment in Colorado’s future – from a capable and prepared work force to real estate values to our ability to attract business and economic growth.  This is not a partisan issue – it’s a Colorado issue that impacts our state’s future and it deserves our work and attention until we find solutions. We can, and we must do better.”

Lynn Huizing
President, Colorado PTA

“Enough is enough. Colorado PTA is sending a message to state legislators that our citizens care about educating our kids. We’re asking them to seek a long-term solution now. Don’t make this the ‘lost generation’ … our kids can’t redo kindergarten, 6th grade or their high-school senior year. Act now!”

Ricardo Martinez
Co-Director, Padres Unidos

“What we decide now in terms of funding for education will determine the future of our state.  We want our funding decisions to move us toward a Great Future for Colorado.”

Paula Stephenson
President, Colorado Rural Schools Caucus

“EVERY student regardless of race, status or location deserves a quality education.  EVERY student deserves an opportunity to learn.  And, EVERY student deserves the opportunity to thrive.  It is time to refocus.  Colorado needs to stop gambling with our children’s futures and instead invest in them.”

Rev. Dr. Jim Ryan
Council Executive, Colorado Council of Churches

“It is one of our deeply held values that, as people of faith, it is our responsibility to assure that all children have access to quality education. Therefore, the Colorado Council of Churches endorses efforts to strengthen financing for public education in Colorado. Our faith forms our values, our lived out values reveal our faith.”

Margie Adams
Willow Creek resident, Women Informed.net officer, parent in Cherry Creek Schools and the University of Colorado

“I’m gravely concerned not only for this generation, but for the future of our state economy.  What companies would want to move to Colorado if we’re unwilling to invest in education – in our schools and universities – and in our kids?  We must be willing to invest in them if we care about the future of this state.

Francie Anhut
CEO, Impact on Education

“Impact on Education’s mission is local, to increase support for public education in Boulder Valley School District.  However, because the State exerts such control over public education, we can’t sit by and watch as our exemplary school system is further decimated by budget cuts. The Great Futures Campaign is a vehicle for action in our communities.”

Susan Riley Scheibel
President 2009 and 2010, Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented

“Today, education is the future for our students, our state, our nation and our world! Today, Colorado must stand up for education, funding and provide for our students! Today, together we can set a positive course for the future! EDUCATION, EXCELLENCE & EQUITY TODAY! GREAT EDUCATION COLORADO, GREAT FUTURES COLORADO! DECIDE today! This is the time, Today! Why today? ‘Many things can wait. Children cannot. Today their bones are being formed, their blood is being made, their senses are being developed. To them we cannot say ‘tomorrow.’ Their name is today.(Quote from Gabriela Mistral, Chilean teacher 1899 – 1957)”

Don Beard
Superintendent, Pritchett School District, Colorado Rural Schools Caucus Member

“The future of Colorado’s schools must be predicated on the need of all students, from the smallest single school community to the largest multi-school districts; all students must be provided a quality education.  Colorado can simply not afford anything less.”