DECIDE Referendum Information (HCR 1002, SCR 002)

After thousands of emails, phone calls, and eloquent testimony from public education supporters, DECIDE was passed by the House Education, Senate Education, and the Senate Finance Committees. Unfortunately, in a 35-30 vote, the Colorado House of Representatives failed to reach the two-thirds majority vote and the Senate never brought it to the vote necessary to put DECIDE (HCR 1002 / SCR 002) on the ballot in November 2010.

Below is an archive of information about DECIDE …


Take action for DECIDE!

1. E-mail the legislators who are not yet publicly supporting DECIDE.

2. Call your own representative and senator to encourage them to support DECIDE.

Learn about DECIDE:

List of Legislators supporting DECIDE

List of Legislators with phone numbers not supporting DECIDE

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the official “DECIDE” Resolution language

DECIDE 2 page “all you need to know” flyer with talking points

DECIDE Announcement Press Conference News Release

Media Coverage:

March 24 Press Conference

April 19 DECIDE House Ed Committee Hearing

CO Council of Churches Letter to the Editor about the moral imperative Colorado faces when it comes to education, urging the Legislature to let voters express their values with DECIDE

Great Futures Denver Post Guest Commentary