DECIDE Referendum Information (HCR 1002, SCR 002)

After thousands of emails, phone calls, and eloquent testimony from public education supporters, DECIDE was passed by the House Education, Senate Education, and the Senate Finance Committees. Unfortunately, in a 35-30 vote, the Colorado House of Representatives failed to reach the two-thirds majority vote and the Senate never brought it to the vote necessary to put DECIDE (HCR 1002 / SCR 002) on the ballot in November 2010.

Below is an …

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Quotes from Great Futures Partners

Why Join the Great Futures Coalition?

Becky Miller Updike
Director, Every Child Matters Colorado

“I don’t think the general public is aware that our state stands on the brink of disaster in public education. We aren’t just facing a few frivolous budget cuts in few schools– we are facing school closings, loss of quality teachers, and increasingly crowded class sizes. Quality public education is an investment in Colorado’s future – from a capable and prepared work force to real estate values to our ability to attract business and …

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List of Legislators not yet publicly supporting DECIDE

As of May 5, 2010, the following Colorado State Legislators have not yet taken a public stance on House Concurrent Resolution 1002 or Senate Concurrent Resolution 002, known as DECIDE (for “Decide: Education Cuts or Invest in our Democracy and Economy”).

Make sure your voice is heard loud and clear by calling the names on this list — any time, day or night — and leaving the simple message: “I am calling to ask you a question of critical …

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Thank you to the legislators supporting DECIDE!

Prime DECIDE (HCR / SCR 002) Sponsors:

Rep. Debbie Benefield

Sen. Suzanne Williams

Sen. Chris Romer

DECIDE Supporters:

Beth McCann

Bob Bacon

Brandon Shaffer

Cherylin Peniston

Christine Scanlan

Claire Levy

Daniel Kagan

Dianne Primavera

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

Edward Casso

Edward Vigil

Evie Hudak

Jack Pommer

Jeanne Labuda

Jerry Frangas

Joe Miklosi

Joe Rice

John Soper

Judy Solano

Karen Middleton

Mark Ferrandino

Mary Hodge

Max Tyler

Michael Johnston

Michael Merrifield

Nancy Todd

Pat Steadman

Paul Weissmann

Paula Sandoval

Randy Fischer

Rollie Heath

Sal Pace

Sara Gagliardi

Su Ryden

Sue Schafer

Wes McKinley

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